Hi! I’m Aubrey. I’m a multi-passionate performing artist specializing in opera, theater and film. I’ve performed with national and regional opera and theater companies, starred in short films and you can see me on TV in Xfinity Home’s National Commercial “Stunt” and “The Look All Stars”.

As a performer I’ve been praised for my “sweet, sparkling, youthful and exceptional” voice and my “layered portrayals, moving laments and heart-rending performances”.

Each performance is an opportunity to bring a director’s vision to life, grow as an artist, work with other artists who challenge me, and invite the audience to connect with their deeper emotions and inner creativity. I truly believe that my passion for multiple disciplines has made me more versatile and compassionate, not just as an actor, but as a person.


What’s New?

I’m joining the LA Opera in their upcoming production of “Verdi Opera Tales” May 2018! Details are available on my event calendar


You’ll see me as the lead in Xfinity Home’s 2018 National Commercial campaign COMING SOON!



Look for me on the new season of “The Look All Stars” airing Spring 2018!