Welcome to Sing it Anyway!

Hey guys! I’m an actress in Los Angeles who knows the struggle between keeping the dream alive and paying rent regularly. “Sing it Anyway” was born out of my deep need to create the characters, songs and stories that live inside me without the permission of casting or the approval of the industry community. As an actor, I can struggle with my identity. Am I an opera singer? A theater actor? A music theater girl? Is it OK for me to do commercial, TV and film work?

How can I find my identity?

I’ve thrown these questions aside and simply started to look for good roles that challenge me to embrace the human experience and create characters that are dying to have their stories told. This is my safe, creative space where I can dive into scenes, songs and characters that are screaming to come out of me.

Join me! Share your stories, your songs, your poetry, your comedic scenes, your drawings, whatever makes your heart sing in the comments below.



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