Sing it Anyway: GRATITUDE

It can be easy to get caught up in the necessities of being a performing artists. Taking classes to hone your skills, driving to auditions, networking, building a website, taking business classes and let’s not forget working your survival job to make ends meet. So many great performers quit because they get caught up in the grind that goes on behind-the-scenes. We lose sight of our “why” our deepest desire to make art that will change people’s lives. We bring to life other’s visions, but we lose ourselves in the process.

But we don’t have to lose hope! There is a creative revolution happening in Los Angeles. It’s a renaissance of unique voices coming together to create experiences that would not exist otherwise. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Creatives are bringing our own art to life! We’re no longer waiting for permission or perfection. Because of the relative ease and high quality of technology available to us, we can create without limitations.

From this renaissance, my own baby project has come to life. “Sing it Anyway” was born from my frustration and pain  as a performer. From those days were I wonder, will I ever sing Eliza in “My Fair Lady”? Will I play Beatrice in “Much Ado” or will I “age out” before anyone ever considers me for the part?

Well, I’m not going to sit around and wonder anymore. I’m going to play these fantastic roles out on my own. Who can stop me?

When I truly embraced this, I got excited and scared all at once. Can I really make my own stuff? What if no one watches? What if it’s terrible? What if people say mean things and I get embarrassed? Hahaha! That one actually makes me laugh out loud considering the amount of painful auditions I’ve had at this point in my career.

The truth is, I MUST CREATE. At whatever the cost to my ego, my heart cannot bear to live with the “what ifs” and the strain of choking frustration that sets in when I wait for other people’s approval or permission.

So…without further ado, Sing it Anyway begins with GRATITUDE.

When I saw the film “The Shape of Water” I was absolutely struck by the scene in which Eliza (who is deaf) signs the lyrics to “You’ll Never Know” to the amphibious creature. It is a gorgeous declaration of love.

It gave me such compassion for Eliza and the creature, as neither of them could communicate their affection to each other without the power of music. For me, and for many, music is a language that completes us; allowing us to express the deepest level of our hearts. I am truly grateful for this moment in film and for the validation it gives me as an artist.

My gratitude for “Sing it Anyway” cannot be expressed in words, that’s why I’ll use music, monlogues and scenes to show it.

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Now it’s your turn to DREAM! In the comments below, tell me three songs or dream roles you wish you had the chance to sing? No limits here. If you’re a woman who dreams of playing Hamlet, I want to hear about it.

Until next time, remember, no one can stop you from singing the song in your heart.




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