Aubrey is a Latina actress with a sweet exterior matched with a penchant for perfection at her core. She’s as comfortable dancing in heels as she is throwing punches and crossing swords. A lover of sci-fi, trained martial artist/theater combatant, and classically trained opera singer.

Fussbudget Mom

Overprotective, Particular, Adoring – The kind of woman who has a twenty minute safety routine before playtime and plans her own surprise birthday party.

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Think Michaela Watkins on “The Unicorn”

Driven Defense Attorney

Clever, Passionate, Eager – The kind of woman who knows the letter of the law and defends her clients ardently; Social justice is her oxygen.

Think Jessica Camacho in “All rise”

Unshakable Confidential Informant

Grounded, Engaging, Intuitive – The kind of woman who is so easy to talk to you’ve told her your life story by the end of the night.  

Think Gina Bellman in “Leverage”