Commercial Representation: Central Artists Talent Agency, Jean-Marc Carre

Super Heroes in Therapy, Lead – A 15x Films
Reco’s Magic, Lead – Documented America
Nightwalkers, Lead- National University
Anthony Evans Mercy Tree, Supporting – J.R. Burke Productions

Xfinity/Comcast, Lead – Smuggler Productions
FujiFilm Branding Commercial , Lead – MGX Creative Productions The Many Jobs of Mom, Lead – Hunter Arnold
PACKIT, Lead – Axis3 Productions

Killian’s Commercial Workshop, Private lesson
John Henry Richardson, Acting for Film Intensive
Wayne Morse, Scene workshop
Penny Perry, Cold Reading and scene workshop
Harry Winer, Director Workshop
David Armstrong, Cinematography Workshop
Swordplay LA: Broadsword, Rapier, Cutlass and quarterstaff
The Academy of Theater Combat: Cutlass, slips, strips and pratfalls
American Taekwondo Association Taekwondo Black belt, Haganah tactical self-­‐defense training

UCLA, Master of Music, Performance
Cal State University Northridge, Bachelor of Music, Performance

Special Skills: 
Singer: Opera singer, Legit Music theater, jazz and pop
Instruments: ​Piano, saxophone
Languages:  Intermediate French, Italian, and Spanish.
Weapons training: Archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun and black powder rifle marksman, quarterstaff and katana.
Fitness: Weight lifting, running, and cross-training.
Licensed driver, Valid passport